Claudia with her friends in the orphanage in 2006.

Claudia was born in 1989 in Manica, Mozambique.  Her father was a police sergeant, and after both her parents got sick and died, she and her siblings suffered a lot of trauma, and her little brother lost his life. Claudia was traumatized, and she questioned the meaning of life and human dignity. When she came to the orphanage she was constantly under spiritual attack, but through prayer and the intervention of the Holy Spirit she was able to overcome what she’d been through.

When Claudia got older she volunteered to be responsible for a new baby who came into the orphanage unexpectedly. Claudia showered the baby girl with love and went above and beyond all expectations in keeping her clean, well-dressed, well-fed, and happy. Claudia stayed up in the night with her, changed all her diapers, mixed her formula, braided her hair, and did everything else a loving mother would do. After a few weeks under Claudia’s care the sick, malnourished, fragile, silent and expressionless baby girl started to regain health, smile, play, laugh, and call Claudia “mama.” It seems that God used Claudia to save this baby’s life, and he must have used the baby’s response to bless Claudia as well.

Claudia has a great sense of humor and is caring, witty, thoughtful, responsible, and hard-working. She was the most skilled hair braider in the bairro, and women would come from all over to get their hair braided by Claudia. After finishing secondary school Claudia went to the Young Africa trade school. She became a beautician and now works in an upscale salon in Beira. Claudia still keeps in close contact with everyone from the orphanage, and we all wish she lived closer so we could see her more often.


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