Beira, Mozambique

My name is Gracio and I’m from Nampula, Mozambique. I came to the knowledge and faith in Christ Jesus through the gospel, presented by Brother Victor. I was the first student in his discipleship class, and I enjoyed all the afternoons doing door to door evangelism. We traveled to the most remote places, sharing the gospel. When I was not doing evangelism I would be at the Evanjáfrica office, leading intercessory prayer and helping wherever I could.

In 2003 Evanjáfrica sent me to the Teen Missions Bible School in Chimoio to further my knowledge in the things of God. I graduated in 2005 and then taught Bible classes there for the next few years. After that I had a prison ministry and was involved with groups that preached the gospel in Zimbabwe.

In 2010 Evanjáfrica helped me go to law school. I have now finished my studies and am in my internship period. I will graduate in December of 2014 and then be able to practice law. My mother passed away early in life and my father was never there, so I thank God for giving me Evanjáfrica as a family.

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