Lazaro 2003

Lazaro with his friends in the orphanage in 2003.

Lazaro was born in Murrupula, a district of Nampula, Mozambique. Lazaro is Regina’s brother from a different father. There are debates concerning his real birth date, as there are two different birth certificates for Lazaro. This is not unusual in a place where there was no one to keep birth records of family members. However, Lazaro has been pleased to adopt the 3rd of June as his birth date. Lazaro was in the very first group of children we cared for in 2001, before we knew this would become an orphanage. Lazaro’s mother died of disease early on, and he has few memories of her. His father has never been in the picture.

After the death of his mother, Lazaro and his sister Regina lived with an aunt. Lazaro’s memory of his childhood is that he was sick all the time, up until he became a teenager. During his time in the orphanage no one thought he would make it to the end of his program. He could not keep up simply walking to and from school with the other kids, so we had to send a motorcyclist to go and bring him from school. Lazaro’s condition was declining, and it took a long time for everyone to realize that his poor health was the problem, not a developmental delay. Lazaro held onto his savior Christ Jesus during all these years, and his faith sustained him in the hours of agony. Lazaro slowly continued with his education.

Lazaro’s illness was mysterious, and it was only through prayer that he began to improve. In 2009 Lazaro was much better, and he completed his secondary school education. In 2010 we sent Lazaro to Beira, 14 hours by bus from Nampula, to Jean Piajet University Law School. Lazaro will be graduating in 2015 as a lawyer.

Lazaro (left) on the day he graduated with a degree in law from Jean Piaget Univeristy in Beira in December, 2015.


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